Conceptual displacement: Web search as a learning experience

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Martha Vidal Sepúlveda
Gabriel Valdés León
Christian Olivares Rodríguez


The research aims to identify the relationship between the behavior of seeking information on the Internet to solve a research task and the answers given by a group of university students. To do this, a quasi-experimental study was designed, of a quantitative nature, in which both the words used in the web search process and the answers made from it were analyzed. The data was processed thanks to the use of the GoNSA2 platform, which allows monitoring the search process, and the Iramuteq software, oriented towards the analysis of lexical information. Among the main results, we highlight a shift between the topics used in the search and those observed in the response stage and an increase in the categories present in this last stage, which allows considering the search process as an instance of learning.

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Vidal Sepúlveda, M., Valdés León, G., & Olivares Rodríguez, C. (2021). Conceptual displacement: Web search as a learning experience. Espirales Revista Multidisciplinaria De investigación, 5(38), 1–16.
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