Effectiveness of aerial video with the use of drones as an advertising tool in the social events segment

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Alex Carlos Rendon Alin
Mónica Fuentes Manzaba
David Toscano Alin
Manuel Campozano Aguirre


Today the subject of drones is widely studied in different contexts, however, in the advertising field, there are not too many records, although in certain advertising companies already use this system of drones to capture aerial images, for this reason it was presented as a general objective: To analyze the effectiveness of the use of drones as an advertising tool in the segment of social events; to carry out this objective we proceeded to conduct a mixed type research, using surveys and interviews; among the main results it is presented that 72% perceive drones as an advertising tool in events while 54% would use it in this context for technological innovation; the study concludes that the use of drones is effective as an advertising tool in the segment of social events.


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Rendon Alin, A. C. ., Fuentes Manzaba, M. ., Toscano Alin, D. ., & Campozano Aguirre, M. . (2024). Effectiveness of aerial video with the use of drones as an advertising tool in the social events segment. Espirales Revista Multidisciplinaria De investigación, 8(49). Retrieved from https://revistaespirales.com/index.php/es/article/view/865
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