Domestic factors that constraint ecuadorian export performances

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Manuel Ruvin Quiñónez Cabeza
Luisa Nicole Quiñónez Caicedo
Karla Haydeé Ortiz Palafox
Olmedo Gregorio Farfán González


Exports play an important role in Ecuador, the income from these contributes to the growth of the economy. This research aims to describe the national factors that limit the performance of Ecuadorian exports. The research was carried out under the inductive method, of an exploratory type with a mixed approach and descriptive scope; the techniques used were the documentary review and semi-structured interview. Data provided by the Central Bank of Ecuador were taken on the growth rate of goods exports and the percentage share of the destinations of goods exports by continent, economic area and country during 2015-2020. The results showed that exports fluctuated and lost competitiveness during the analyzed period. In conclusion, the performance of exports is limited by national factors related to the policies and management of public institutions and procedures.

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Quiñónez Cabeza, M. R., Quiñónez Caicedo, L. N., Ortiz Palafox, K. H., & Farfán González, O. G. (2021). Domestic factors that constraint ecuadorian export performances. Espirales Revista Multidisciplinaria De investigación, 5(38), 17–32.
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