Exploring the Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions about Classroom Activities

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Gabriela Geovanna Guevara Enríquez


For many years, the use of activities inside and outside the classroom in order to promote an activate learning has been very common. A challenging area in the field of education is the acquisition of languages so there no doubt that learning a second or foreign language is not easy for all learners. In fact, some have to face different barriers in the process such as lack of learning support and motivation. Nevertheless, some authors have advocated that using the appropriate activities in classes can make a big difference in the results of those students who are interested in learning a second or foreign language. The present paper has chosen English as the foreign language since it is considered one of the most requested language in Ecuador where this study has been carried out. Besides, it would be also important to mention that the aim of this paper is to help teachers realize if they are choosing their classroom activities considering their students’ learning styles and interests.

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Guevara Enríquez, G. G. . (2021). Exploring the Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions about Classroom Activities. Espirales Revista Multidisciplinaria De investigación, 5(36), 36–47. https://doi.org/10.31876/er.v5i36.778
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