Multi-criteria evaluation of the resources and tourist attractions of the area adjacent to the Zapotepamba Binational Technical Training Center

Hilda Paola Zhingre Pogo, Maruxi Loarte Tene, Rubén Darío Román Aguirre, Jhohana Larrea Silva, Jefferson Sánchez Ruiz


This research it seeks the sustainable development of the Zapotepamba Binational Technical Training Center (CBFTZ), through comprehensive landscape management. The methodology applied to collect information was through a quantitative and qualitative approach. With this, a situational diagnosis of the adjacent parishes was made; likewise, an inventory of resources and tourist statistics; finally, the multi-criteria evaluation. Once the assessment was carried out, it was identified that in terms of natural and cultural interest, the resources with the greatest tourist potential are found in the Catacocha Parish.


Tourist potential, multi-criteria assessment, tourist resources, Zapotepamba.

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