Information and Communication Technologies based on formative research

Amarilis Rita Pérez Licea, Irene Trelles Rodríguez, Caridad Aurora Lora Quesada, Jorge Luis Olmo Pérez, Luisa Noa Silveiro


Information and communication technologies based on formative research are of great importance for achieve competent professionals in the labor and research sphere and in the adequate preparation of teachers with the consequent accompaniment to students with effective tutorial processes during their academic training en Nursing. An observational, descriptive study was carried out between August 2018 and August 2019, in which a population of 704 students was worked; a semi-structured questionnaire was prepared and a group interview was applied to 32 Nursing professors at the Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil, who taught their subjects in the different Units of Basic Curricular Organization (Basic, Pre-professional and Degree). It was found that the motivation for the realization of scientific works by the professors still found in the initial state (67.24 %); the 26.55 % of the students respond that there is a lack of systematic planning of actions and strategies in terms of linking research in the context of pre-professional practice and acquired skills, and construction of the research projects; and only 22 % manifest it is useful to be able to select and prepare their information, which demonstrates that the existing methodology in the program has yet to be adjusted for such effects.


formative research, students, teachers, nursing, curriculum organization unit, degree

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