Improving speaking skill using the speaking practice tool Spacedeck

Ximena Jarrín, Carolina Kim


Thanks to the work that the ILO has been carrying out to promote social justice in all work environments, the number of organizations that allow the inclusion of certain levels of disability within their personal processes, guaranteeing access and adaptability of jobs for an adequate development of work activities based on their strengths, for this reason, this research intends to carry out a systematic review about the labor inclusion of people in a disability condition. The work developed corresponds to a qualitative approach of a descriptive nature, because the results presented will be based on the contributions and findings found in 15 articles obtained from the Redalyc, Scielo and Scopus databases. Results A search was made using bibliographic managers, in the initial search of articles 120 were found and after eliminating according to inclusion and exclusion criteria, of which 15 articles were finally found, after the investigation it is concluded that the labor inclusion is a factor that tends to the improvement of the productivity in the organizations and the loyalty of the workers in condition of disability


Spacedeck, speaking skill, ICT, communication

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