Espirales Revista Multidisciplinaria de investigación

Espirales. Revista multidisciplinaria de investigación is an edited by Universidad de Oriente and Global University. All the material submitted to the journal for publication and accepted by the Editorial Committee in attention to its quality and relevance is subjected to review by peer specialists in the corresponding fields of knowledge.

Espirales. Revista multidisciplinaria de investigación is a scientific journal dedicated to the quarterly publication of articles of original research results in Spanish, English and Portuguese which covers a variety of topics related to several knowledge areas of the social sciences. The papers are published the first 5 days of the months of January, April, July, October

Vol 4, No 34 (2020): July-September

Table of Contents

Andrés Alexis Ramírez-Coronel, Pedro Carlos Martínez-Suárez, Rosa Elvira Minchala-Urgilés, Martin Adrián Contreras-Sanango
Hilda Paola Zhingre Pogo, Maruxi Loarte Tene, Rubén Darío Román Aguirre, Jhohana Larrea Silva, Jefferson Sánchez Ruiz
Walter Jiménez Silva, Fernando Silva Ordoñez, Kléver Moreno, David Caisa
José Ascencio-Moreno, Miriam Vanessa Hinojosa-Ramos, Omar Ruiz-Barzola, María Isabel Jiménez-Feijoó, María Purificación Galindo-Villardón, Miriam Ramos-Barberán
Milton Maridueña Arroyave, Felipe Espinoza Ordóñez, John Granados Romero